Swan Song
Can you discover the fate of the professor?
Professor Sigmund Hunt has wreaked havoc throughout the world for years, but his time is running out. Infected with the zombie virus at his mysterious lab, it now threatens to overwhelm him. He has retreated back into his mountain estate, but things have . . . changed. Nature has begun to reclaim the space, and as the professor’s mind has degraded, so have his quarters. It is up to you to explore the chaos, sort through the madness, and uncover the fate of Professor Hunt in his “Swan Song”!

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* Students must have Valid ID. Children under 6 are free!
You are eligible to be combined with other groups who book at the same time as you unless you purchase a private ticket.

Players who have experienced our “Peculiar Professor Hunt” adventure will enjoy seeing the evolution of Professor Hunt’s narrative, but “Swan Song” is a complete and intriguing story even if you have not played its prequel.

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