Circus of the Stranded
Can you save the circus freaks?
The Cirque Du Sourire is one of the worst circuses in the world. The games are rigged, the animals are sick, the music is dreadful, and the workers are held against their will under contract! The evil Ringmaster Monstre has arranged his freak show to be the best one around but because of the terrible conditions, all of the freaks want out of the deal. It is up to your group to set them free!

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* Students must have Valid ID. Children under 6 are free!
You are eligible to be combined with other groups who book at the same time as you unless you purchase a private ticket.

Although some aspects of this room are creepy and comical, Brainstorm Escapes is not making fun of freak shows or freaks in any way. Freak is still the preferred term by most in the community of circus oddities and traveling medical anomalies, and this experience is designed to show issues that existed in previous renditions of freak shows. Today there are still several traveling shows that embrace their differences while making a living and are not obligated in evil ways as they were in the past. If you are interested in this subject there are several movies, television shows and books outlining the wicked past and bright future of this industry. Different is beautiful. Enjoy the show.
This room is also a slightly dimly lit experience so glasses are recommended if people usually need them. Flashlights are provided for the user’s experience.

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